PE Exam Resources

A specially curated list of those must have resources to ensure you pass the PE exam on the first try.

Let's be honest, the PE exam is no walk in the park.  Rarely do any of us spend 2 hours yet alone 8 sitting quietly working diligently towards a goal.  If your office is anything like mine, then there's plenty of distractions vying for your time and attention. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you don't end up like the lady on the right... have the correct PE exam resources.

There's nothing worse than sitting down for the test, knowing you've seen a question before, and realizing it's in a text book that you opted to not bring.  This list comes from experience, either my personal experience or those I trust.  It's the EXACT materials they used to pass the PE exam.  And it'll help you too.

This page is meant to be your one-stop shop for all PE resources and will be updated regularly. However, before getting to the goodies I have an important disclosure:

These items use affiliate links, this means that if you purchase these items using these links then a small portion of the purchase price will go directly to the costs associated with running this blog. It does not increase the cost of the items to you, and it means a lot to me. If you’d prefer you can simply search for them in google and I won’t get anything.

Thanks! ~ Skye

Alright, enough with the stalling... let's get to the good stuff!